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Plastic Waste Collection Program

Collaboration of :
PT. Nestle Indonesia
Sustainable Waste Indonesia
Indonesia Plastic Recycler

Since its inception in 2021, our collaborative effort has persevered, driven by the dual mission of expanding plastic waste collection for a circular economy while enhancing traceability for responsible sourcing. This initiative engages directly with over 30 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Java Island, forging a network that includes aggregators, recyclers, and waste facility operators. Together, these partners have amassed tens of thousands of additional tons of plastic, spanning a variety of types from rigid to film, monolayer to multilayer, transforming them into valuable products.

Operating not only as a local endeavor but also as a regional nexus, our efforts extend beyond Java Island to include contributions from Kalimantan and Sulawesi. This broader scope not only cultivates robust supply chains but also nurtures an ecosystem of recycling and circular plastic economy, providing livelihoods for thousands.

The economic impact of our endeavors is substantial, manifesting in the creation of hundreds of new jobs, the expansion of businesses, the advancement of infrastructure and machinery, and an overall enhancement of working conditions. Despite grappling with informalities inherent in waste collection, our partners have demonstrated a commendable shift towards fairness, organization, and adherence to human rights principles. Moreover, strides have been made in occupational health, safety, and environmental standards, overcoming initial hurdles with gradual improvements.

Central to the success of our program is a performance-based support system, necessitating SMEs to exhibit tangible enhancements in capacity and quality of work before accessing assistance. This framework relies on manifests, digital tools, and consistent field verification to meet targeted collection goals. Complementing this approach is a focus on inclusivity, whereby the program supports SMEs in enhancing women friendly hygiene and sanitation facilities, environmental infrastructure, human resources management, and safety protocols through capacity building initiatives.