Energy Recovery from Waste

Partner: Bakti Bumi

Location: Sidoarjo
Year: 2022

In the collaborative journey since 2019, SWI and Material Recovery Facility Bakti Bumi in Sidoarjo have achieved remarkable milestones in waste management. Through research and development efforts, they have implemented locally adaptable technology, producing Refused Derived Fuel (RDF).

Since 2019, SWI in partnership with Material Recovery Facility Bakti Bumi in Sidoarjo, for R&D on residual waste treatment with locally adaptable technology to produce Refused Derived Fuel (RDF).
Currently, Bakti Bumi operates three sites of MRF plant in Sidoarjo, East Java, with a capacity of at least 40 tons/day of household waste per plant, serving more than 20,000 households.
Technology of RDF briquette and pulverized of Bakti Bumi utilizes local content material and expertise. Total accumulative RDF produced since 2019: 6,750 tons have been sold to six companies in East Java, including power plant.